Technical Information

Stage Area

Stage Area
Proscenium arch 7.26m x 5.60m
Forestage (from back of iron) 7.26m x 0.66m
Forestage to Auditorium floor 0.896m
Stage rake 1 in 24
Depth of stage (from back of iron to radiator on rear wall) 9.72m
Wing widths S.L. 1.83m
S.R. 2.29m (D/S)
S.R. 3.20m (U/S)
Floor to Grid height at iron (to underside of grid) 14.77m
Floor to Grid height at back radiator (to underside of grid) 14.42m
Width between fly floors 8.35m
Height between stage and underside of fly floors D.S.R. 5.98m
U.S.R. 5.60m
D.S.L. 5.98m
U.S.L. 5.60m
Stage get in is situated through an archway off Maiden lane.
Archway dimensions 3.2m x 1.8m
Scenery size (max) 5.5m long x 3.6m
this allows the use of the diagonal of the archway and max length to turn into the dock door.
Dock door 1.7m x 3.6m
2.15m drop to stage
Parking is available by contacting Westminster Council:
020 7823 4567
and asking for the four parking bays in Maiden Lane to be suspended, quoting location 8431. Ten days notice are required by Westminster council for any suspension request.
Safety curtain
Stage surface is wood, suitable for dance but not barefoot. An understage crossover is available and the stage area is heated.

Scenery Flying

Counter Weights System
15 double purchase counterweights
maximum 130Kg on bars
Counterweights can be converted to single purchase on supply of 'O' rings and new steel cables for reinstatement. This increases the max loading to 260kgs over a 3 line system.
D.S. are 2 electric winches with a max loading of 1000kg. These only fly to 7.5m from the stage floor.
Total weight available in lead and steel 3100kg
More Information on counterweight flying positions

Production Facilities

Dressing rooms 8, accessed from stage door.
All rooms have sinks and showers. A Typical Dressing Room
Wardrobe situated 1 floor below street level 15 power points, sink, washing machine water connections and drain, dryer extract.
Please note - equipment illustrated is not provided and must be hired in as required. Wardrobe
144 circuits 138 @ 3kW, 6 @ 5kW
34 relay circuits @3kW
3 phase
Independant 15A sockets - 6 on stage 6 on flys
Sound Hired in as required.
Photograph is for illustrative purposes only, however it does show a possible location at the rear centre of the stalls for sound operator and mixing console. Illustrative Sound Installation
Acoustics suitable for music and spoken word
Stage Management Prompt Corner D.S.L.
show relay / tannoy to dressing rooms
Colour & B & W (I.R.) cameras fed to prompt desk monitors
Please note that a comms and/or cue light system is not provided and must be hired in as required.

Front of House

Seating Capacities
Stalls 336
Dress Circle 188
Upper Circle 156
Total 692

Further information available on request.

Last updated 2020-10-30